Rainbow Pudding

Known as Dadih Sedut or Cikedut, these guys managed to elevate the art of eating normal pudding by placing them in a glass jar and how do you eat it? Of course with a straw! The simple yet strange bottled rainbow makes it easier for us to bring it anywhere and rainbow lovers can definitely check them out at Saripdol @ Gobang Maju Patin Tempoyak.

Cikedut or Dadih is much like a yogurt except that it is actually femented buffalo milk and was made popular in Indonesia. However, lately this has becoming a trend as the on –the-go snack. The soft pudding with a mixture of butterscotch taste and a bit of paddlepop is relatively easy to find within the Klang Valley. Although this amazing rainbow pudding is based in Temerloh, Pahang, there are many agents across Malaysia who sell this famous Cikedut so it is definitely easier for you to grab one anytime and anywhere!

If you also happen to visit the original restaurant or shop which produced this Cikedut, don’t forget to enjoy this Cikedut alongside with some of their famous freshwater catfish simmered in fermented durian curry (ikan patin masak tempoyak) which is one of the popular dishes back there in the Temerloh town!

Cafe/Restaurant Name         : Cikedut by Saripdol @ Gobang Maju Patin Tempoyak

Address                                      : 1/4 Jalan Triang, Temerloh, 28000, Pahang Malaysia

Phone                                          : 0183583529/013266783

Price                                             : RM 5 (per bottle of Cikedut)


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