Rainbow Macarons

Macaron lovers, rejoice! Some Malaysians now have taken the macarons to a whole new rainbow level! We definitely cannot wait to get our hands on the macarons after looking at the pictures. Price may vary according to flavour and quantity. Among the flavours that are popular among the Malaysians are vanilla, mango, blueberry, and strawberry.

The name of macaron itself is actually derived from the Italian word Maccarone . This sweet merique based confection is made of egg white icing sugar, granulated sugar, food coloring and ground almond. These macarons are usually filled with creamcheese, jam filling or ganache buttercream.

The smooth cookies that are baked will easily melt in your mouth triggering your tastebud leaving one wanting more after tasting the macarons. One of the famous places to get your rainbow macarons craving fixed is definitely at the Le Chouette Macaron by Wahdi

Café name      : Le Chouetter Macaron & Miam

Address           : SOHO Empire Subang Jaya Malaysia

Phone              : 0162126254

Price                : Depend on the size & quantity

Hours               : Online ordering


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