Nasi 7 Benua

If you feel like having a heavy meal but at the same time don’t want to miss on the rainbow part, you should definitely try out the Nasi 7 Benua. Also known as rice of seven continents, the rice comprises seven types of local traditional rice which are the classic nasi putih, off white nasi lemak, greyish nasi lemuni, yellow nasi minyak, lime green nasi kacang, orange nasi tomato and multi-coloured nasi hujan panas.

Each portion of the rice is serve about the size of a ping pong ball which is placed neatly on the plate in flower petals that is painstakingly scooped one by one with a special cup. Served along with side dishes such as chicken curry, chicken kurma and the famous malay cuisine of ayam masak kicap, the rich spices will be an explosion in your mouth.

Tucked far away in Penang, Koo Boo Kafe is a cosy and comfortable place for one to have a hearty meal while enjoying the scenic old buildings of Penang. The cafe’s vibrant dish will indeed make you to come back to have more and more of this rice with a price tag of RM 2 per plate. The best part is you get a choice of ice syrup or teh o ais with unlimited refills for FREE!

Café name       : Koo Boo Cafe

Address           : Taman Tunas Muda, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia

Phone              : 0174397617

Price                : Around RM 7

Hours              : 11.00am-10.00pm(Closed on Sundays)


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