Pisang Goreng Cheese Rainbow

Other than the world’s obsession with rainbow, we Malaysian have an obsession with cheese! Cheese is love as Malaysians like adding cheese to almost everything and anything! One of the best way to enjoy this magical dairy creation is by marrying these two elements (cheese + banana fritters) into one food called pisang goreng cheese rainbow.

Banana fritters is one of the most popular snack for tea break in Malaysia. This crispy, sweet and golden dessert is made of bananas that is battered and then deep fried. The crispy surface of the cheese banana fritters which are sprinkled with shredded cheese and brownish Gula Melaka will definitely amaze your mind away!

You can definitely find banana fritters everywhere but the challenging part is finding ones that are in rainbow colours. Fred not! As there are few stalls in Klang Valley that sell these and one of the famous stall is Pisang Kejuk. They not only have outlets in KL but also in Johor, Negeri Sembilan and Terengganu.


Café name      : Pisang Kejuk KL @ Mammamia’s Kitchen Wangsa Maju

Address            Jalan Wangsa Delima 10, Kuala Lumpur

Phone              : 0193500245

Price                :  RM 6/box

Hours               : 1.00 pm – 7 p.m ( Mon – Thur) and 3.00 pm-9.00 pm ( Sat – Sun )


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