Rainbow Paddlepop

Of course, how could we exclude the mother of all rainbow food in Malaysia? It’s basically THE pioneer for rainbow ice creams and food in our home soil which brings back all of our childhood memories. You gotta give credit to this ice cream that has inspired rainbow infused food creations all over our country.

Do you actually know what paddle pop rainbow is actually made of? Well, it is actually the product of the mixture between wholesome dairy milk and some caramel flavour! Well, rainbows never look and tasted sooo good before the existence of this ice cream, no?

Fortunately, here in Malaysia this rainbow paddle pop can be obtained almost anywhere. You can walk into a sundry shop and find this ice cream easily or even get one at the nearest 7-eleven outlet! Okay, be right back guys, we’re going out to get some Paddle Pops now 🙂